22nd March 2022

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Martin Etheridge

SVP Product Development, Blockchain and Digital Asset Products

Martin Etheridge is Senior Vice President for product development in Mastercard’s Digital Assets and Blockchain business. He leads Mastercard’s future product strategy for blockchain and digital assets, including CBDC. Prior to joining Mastercard Martin spent more than 20 year in public sector, holding a variety of Senior Leadership positions in banking and insurance regulation, as well as at the Bank of England. In particular, Martin led the Bank of England’s Currency operation, including leading its work on digital currencies between 2014 and 2019.


Speaker Q&A

What can we look forward to from your session at Digital Currencies 360?

I will be talking about the continued rise of digital currencies and the potential direction of travel for digital currencies as a means of payment. I will be describing how important interoperability will be as multiple different forms of digital money prosper for a variety of use cases. Mastercard sits at the heart of multiple ways to pay, and many of them are going to be affected in some way by the growth in digital currencies. Therefore I will discuss our key areas of work to analyse and prioritise where interoperability will be most critical.


Where do you see the industry going with this in the future?

I see a huge amount of interest from all sections of the industry in this topic, and if anything that interest continues to accelerate. In future I see the need for collaboration between private sector and policymakers who are making regulatory and policy choices that will help to shape the future. There are some areas where public sector is best placed to play, and others where private sector delivery and innovation is likely to best meet the variety of needs of consumers and businesses.


If we could grant you three wishes, what would they be?

I’ve got 3 kids so I’d probably have to give them one wish each!

My own wish for 2022 is to be able to see my colleagues in person – I joined Mastercard during the pandemic and I think I have met about 1% of the people I have had zoom calls with!